Words are full of ghosts. My grandma lives on through the way my mother folds fitted sheets. Your dead father lives in a subtle combination of aromatic spices, in baked potatoes with Johnny's Salad Elegance seasoning, in chili cheese dogs and t-bone steaks. We Are a Crowd of Others is a forum for people to engage with this reality: a person’s identity often exceeds the limitations of their body, manifesting in words and actions. The performances, installations, readings and other events that make up this exhibition are disparate but the lens we use to view them is singular. We are examining a synchronous vibration: how does something resonate within a culture? How does it extend beyond a source, moving through rather than between people? How does it amplify or fade away? The exhibition space at MadArt will be used as a whiteboard where different methodologies for investigating phantoms can be drawn without the expectation of resolution: our focus is on iteration and transmutation. The events that make up much of We Are a Crowd of Others have been contributed, not curated. For us, they are a kind of adapted studio visit, modeled on the flow of people, expansive thinking, and fruitful coincidences that are more often discovered in a studio space than an exhibition space.